Comedy Stylings

Comedian street and stage fashion. based in San Francisco.
Edited by Mary Van Note. Photos by Red Scott.

Greg Proops on the way his style evolved (see entire Laugh Spin interview here):

Last question, I’ve always just wondered, what is it with you and Paul F. Tompkins wearing those snazzy suits?
I just always dressed up on stage. I’ve told this story before, but I don’t know why Paul does it. I assume he does it because he enjoys it, but I used to, in San Francisco in the old days, wear a leather jacket and a skull t-shirt and jewelry and stuff like that.

Then I got to my 30s and I went to England. All of sudden I realized the wardrobe available to me and I saw a guy at an airport who was dressed just like me at the time and he was about 10 years older than me. He was wearing skull shorts, tennis shoes, and a leather jacket, and a necklace, and this guy looked like Def Leppard’s roadie and I was like, “I can’t do that.” You know what I mean? When I get to be that old, I can’t do it and when I’m older I definitely can’t do that.

So, I started then wearing a suit about 20 years ago and I’ve stuck with it. Mostly because you can get older. You can be a grown up in it. At a certain point, for me, I never feel comfortable with just a t-shirt on stage.

I like the suit. It was ‘thrown under the bus’ some years ago as far as comedy wardrobe trends and I don’t think it should have been completely gotten rid of. Certainly, people should dress the way want, but I do appreciate people like you, Paul [F. Tompkins], and newer comics like, Ryan Stout, all wearing suits.

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